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Here are a couple of Sample ChristianBlogSites to take a look at.

CBSNew Theme
This is our default theme. You will see there are several features that come with your blog. A bio page, a Daily Bible Reading Page, a contact form so you do not need to share your email address, links to Facebook and Twitter, a Daily Bible Verse and Daily Proverb verse. You can insert your own blog header or have us customize one for you if you like the header design.

Customizer Theme
This is a very customizable theme. This is a free theme. You can purchase the Pro Version but the free theme will do most of what you want.

We have over 20 more themes to choose from.



Bible Reading Plan Module


Zechariah 1-4
3 John


Zechariah 5-8


Zechariah 9-10
Revelation 1


Zechariah 11-12
Revelation 2


Zechariah 13-14
Revelation 3-4


Psalm 74-76
Revelation 5


Psalm 77-78
Revelation 6
Old Testament and New Testament