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ChristianBlogSites Blog Features

We have a multitude of features available to our ChristianBlogSites (CBS) users. Here are just a few:

  • Christian Theme. Managed by Christians
    This is one of the most important features of ChristianBlogSites. You can be assured that the founder of CBS, Richard D. Dover, is committed in making CBS one of the best Christian Blog Sites on the Internet. He has been involved with blogging for over 10 years and has devoted endless hours to provide a great blog user experience for CBS clients. On CBS you will not see offensive postings or offensive spam comments (some may leak through but we deal with them ASAP), other users are Christians, you in no way promoting or supporting an organization that has a different belief system than you.

  • CBS runs on a virtual dedicated server
    This means it takes seconds for pages to load, for images to be uploaded, for articles to be posted. This all occurs even though we have multitudes of plugins loaded on the blog site. These plugins provide you all kinds of features without compromising speed.

  • Extensive FAQs
    Most multi-user blog sites do not have any sort of FAQ Section, so it is all about trial and error. However with CBS we have over 100 FAQS and we add FAQs as questions come  to us.

  • Extensive Themes
    We have over 20 themes and we are adding more. You have full ability to customize the themes any way you want. We also have the very straight forward CBS Theme titled cbsnew.

  • Ad Free and Spam Free
    Overall CBS does not have ads. If there any ads they are Christian appropriate and they are specifically ads in regards to the various ministries of Richard D. Dover, or ministries he supports. (Rarely are there any ads. Normally just a footer ad letting people know they can get a free blog.)

    CBS uses the latest technology to make sure that your blogging experience is spam free. This means no spam articles, no spam comments, no spam emails. Yes spam free. (Every once in awhile a spam may come through. If you see something let us know.) 

  • Facebook and Twitter Integration
    We offer full integration with Facebook and Twitter. You can link to your accounts, you can post to your accounts automated, users can upload your posts to their accounts.

  • Multitudes of Plugins
    Most multi-user blog sites provide a few plugins/widgets for their users, we have multitudes to improve your blogging experience. Most of them are in the background so you do not know they are installed. Some of our plugins are, Daily Bible Verse, Daily Proverb, Daily Bible Readings, Scripture References Hyperlinked (click on the verse reference and the Bible verses pop up), very specific spam and security plugins, automatic image resizing (so you have more options regarding your images), SEO-search engine optimization features, advanced editing tools. links to related posts within your blog, print friendly feature for your articles, most themes are mobile friendly, summary listings of all other bloggers (makes it easy to read and comment on other bloggers pages).

Bible Reading Plan Module


Job 28-29
Matthew 13:1-30


Job 30-31
Matthew 13:31-58


Job 32-33
Matthew 14:1-21


Job 34-35
Matthew 14:22-36


Job 36-37
Matthew 15:1-20


Job 38-40
Matthew 15:21-39


Job 41-42
Matthew 16
Old Testament and New Testament