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There are many web sites, blogs, on the Internet promoting all kinds of interests, religions, beliefs, politics, etc. ChristianBlogSites features free Christian blogs where you can share your thoughts. perspectives, experiences, and your overall biblical worldview.

Why A Blog?

You might be saying why do I need a Blog when I use Facebook. KEEP DOING FACEBOOK! But have ever wished that you could share more in-depths thoughts? Or you could share perspectives on the Bible, or have a place where you could post your favorite recipes, or keep a public journal of your life experiences? Or maybe there are some topics you would like to post longer articles that you would want to share everyone visiting Facebook? Then maybe a blog is for you.

Web Site and Blog

Maybe you always wanted to have a personal website but don't have the funds to have one developed for you and you do not know how to build one. A blog site using WordPress gives you the ability to have a website that you can keep updated on a regular basis without having to pay someone to do it.

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Blogging Your Journey

Share Your Journey
We have had individuals blog about their journey dealing with sickness, struggling with addiction. the loss of a loved one. Items you may not feel comfortable sharing on Facebook.

Blog About Your Faith

Share Your Faith
Share what it means to you to be a Christian, how God is working in your life, and light your shine. Never know who is going to check out your blog.


Blog on Missions

Share Your Missions Trips
Blog about your vacations or missions trips in detail on your blog and post updates on Facebook with a link back to your blog.

Bible Study Blog

Share Bible Studies
It is not real feasible to do Bible Studies on Facebook, but a blog site makes it very simple and you can post teasers on Facebook to draw people to your blog.


Blog on current Events

Share on Current Events
Do you have a Christian perspective in regards  to what is taking place in America, the world? Start a blog where you can post numerous articles and individuals can go to immediately without having to search through your Facebook posts.


Political Blog

Share Your Political Beliefs
Do you have strong convictions regarding politics but don't want to share it on Facebook? Share it on your personal blog.

Blog about your hobbies

Share Your Interests
What gets you excited? You probably Facebook about it, but now you can ger more in-depth about your

Blog aout family

Share About Your Family
Write about a more in-depth journal in regards to your family and post updates on Facebook.

Blog Guidelines

The ChristianBlogSites (CBS) Blogging Service is for those who profess a faith in Jesus Christ. All postings, links, photos, content, etc. should not be offensive and reflective of the Christian life. Blogs are for personal use, not to promote, advertise, or sell a product or service. (The only exception is Christian counselors, authors, and non-profits.) Click here to register for a free blog.

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Job 28-29
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Matthew 13:31-58


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Matthew 14:1-21


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Matthew 14:22-36


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Matthew 15:1-20


Job 38-40
Matthew 15:21-39


Job 41-42
Matthew 16
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